#bucklove at the LCF

Our run of shows at the Leicester Comedy Festival has come to an end.


Everyone in the Nando’s and Nandon’ts team (“Nandocas”) are quite sad about that. Rehearsals were many (and tiring), the week before everyone came down with all manner of illness and injury, and it was quite weird to take the show back out in front of audiences (after tinkering with it a lot since our Firebug workshop, not to mention how long it’s been since the inception of the piece), into spaces we’ve never performed in before, to check that it wasn’t just us who thought it was good.

Luckily, other people like the show too. We had a really good turnout for every performance, which is really encouraging for a new theatre company, and speaks well for the Leicester performance scene.  We had laughs, we had clapping, we had people clamouring for a cast recording (which we shall attempt to fulfil before our next dates), and family members have been convinced that we haven’t just been wasting our time/lives on a chicken musical, of all things.

There are many people to thank, chief amongst them the performers themselves, whose enthusiasm, commitment, and passion for the show has driven it and continues to drive it as we look into booking more dates and shows. We’re lucky to have them, talented bastards all. Nick Palmer, our tech, was invaluable as a lights man and a friend. Jas made us move like a dream, and we can only apologise for the times when we didn’t. Tinny and the staff at The Cookie were amazingly supportive, and have programmed a great strand of shows for the festival, which we were lucky to be counted among. Many thanks to Karl and the team at Hansom Hall, for providing us with such a beautiful venue. It was a pleasure as ever to work with LUTheatre for that date, alongside the cast and crew of Howard’s Other End, directed by Benjamin Alborough. Particular thanks go to Adam and Holly for their support. Finally, thanks to everyone who saw it or talked about it or sent us good wishes or were simply friends to us during this period. Theatre people tend to be insane, especially when they have a show on, so the support we’ve had has been gratifying.

So what’s next? Well, Rebel Breed Theatre will be cooking up a new show very soon, since we can’t dine out on Nando’s all our lives. However, the chicken has yet to reach the other side of the road. We’ve started tracking an album, and we already have a date at The Y Theatre on July 9th. Afterwards, we’re hoping to take the show outside of Leicester and hit up some fresh audiences, possibly even settling for a spell north of the border. So, if you didn’t get to catch the show Olivia’s mum “thoroughly enjoyed”, you’d better get your diary out.

See you soon, chicken.

J & W



Welcome to rebelbreedinc.com

Jimmy RebelAt last, a website. We are Rebel Breed. If you don’t know who we are, or what we do, visit our about page. In fact, we encourage you to generally look around the site. Tell us what’s broken, what you want to see more of, that sort of thing. We apologise for any advertisements you may see, there is nothing we can do about them at this stage.

We’re coming up to a busy time. Theatre-wise, on January 30 we have The Shire, a collaborative project that we have been invited to join. Then, we’re straight into rehearsals for the official launch of Nando’s and Nandon’ts: A Musical, which will be played on February 15/16/19 as part of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival. Tickets are available for all these performances, so please follow the links to get them! We’ve also begun development on the live performances we’ll be doing afterwards, which is exciting.

A new podcast will be posted imminently, and will serve as the official launch of Rebel Breed Radio. It’s the latest edition of Culture Corner, featuring William Breden. We’ll continue from here posting podcasts twice a month, but will be running the remainder of our archived Culture Corners alongside the new stuff.

As for film, we have a pilot script, and we are in the process of securing time, actors, and equipment.

If you wish to keep updated on our doings, you will find in our sidebar an RSS feed for this site, the Twitter account, the Facebook page, and a service that will send you an email each time we post some news.

Thank you for visiting the site, and see you at the show!